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Monday, May 16, 2011

Rattie Hammock

Here's another couple photos I managed to recover. It's a hammock I crocheted for my pet rats. They love it.

Thank you flickr.

I'm so glad I uploaded most of the photos to flickr. So here are some of my crochet creations of late.
This is a cute hat I made for my darling daughter. I am working on a matching scarf now.

This blanket is now in Mozambique with our churches missionary.

Another photo of the same blanket

This is a 3D flower but you can't see the bottom layer very well

I love this pattern. I think I will definately make a blanket with this one eventually

A pencil pouch. Also good for keeping crochet hooks in

Was going to start off by posting some photos

I was going to start off this blog but posting a heap of photos of my crocheting laptop crashed on the weekend and I lost them all. So I will need to get them again so I can post them.